23/02/2015 – Orla Gartland Gig

Yesterday I attended Orla Gartland‘s gig at the 02 Institute, Birmingham (formerly the HMV Institute). Because I preorded my ticket I was able to get in to the preshow meet and greet which had a lovely relaxed atmosphere complete with tea and cake (and I really wish I had made a note of the brand of tea bag being used because it was one of the best cups of tea I’ve ever had). Guests mingled while Orla moved about the room, making sure everyone was happy with their refreshments and encouraging everyone to help themselves to more, as everything had to go before the show started. She also made sure to spend a little time with everyone and was generally fabulous.
 As she made her rounds I gave her a framed copy of the portrait I painted of her (pictured above) – a strange thing to give someone I’ve never met, I am aware, but it is something I’ve gotten into the habit of doing whenever I attend VIP/Meet and greet events as I always take the opportunity to get talented people to sign my work whenever I can. She seemed suitably pleased with the odd gift (self-deprecatingly commenting “You’ve made me prettier than I am”.)
 Once she had had a chat with everyone she brought out an acoustic guitar and gathered us round for a pre-show acoustic set, including a song performed with three volunteers from the audience.

 The main show its self was also excellent, with two brilliant support acts – Olivia Millerschin and Martin Luke Brown, and an amazing set from Orla with a great balance of perfectly performed songs and crowd interaction.
 During the show I got to try my hand (and new camera) at gig photography for the first time and was very pleased with the results.
Once the gig was finished, Orla came back out to mingle once more and I also got to meet Olivia who was also very friendly and welcoming (later, after seeing the photos I had taken, she dm’d me on twitter and said I should be gettting paid for my work – couldn’t have hoped for a better compliment).
 All in all a very successful night. Can’t wait to shoot my next gig.

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